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"Two Years Ago When I was 14 and My Sister Was 15..... [rolleyes] I didn�t know my own Sister was into �Rough Sex� until she came home drunk one night and we got into an argument in the bathroom. I hadn't had sex or masturbated in a week, so I was in our shared bathroom (with the door closed) trying to jack off into a well-used pair of my Sister�s skimpy little lacy panties when she barged in half undressed (topless) WITHOUT knocking! After much yelling and screaming (Thank God our parents weren�t home) at me while she pulled down her jeans and panties, my sister slapped me! I instinctively hit her back which caused my Sister fall over and made her pants and panties fall off. I had already been fully sexually aroused when she barged in, but seeing my Sister flat on her back, naked, with her legs spread apart, and her furry little cunt wide open and ready for fucking, I decided I was ready for some fucking too! I got down between my sister�s lewdly spread legs and mounted her, getting my hard cock all the way into her tight hairy cunt while she was still a little stunned. I started fucking my sister deep & slow but a week's worth of sperm (BILLIONS!) in my bloated, bulging balls was in a hurry to escape so I started fucking my Sister faster and faster! When I started fucking her jack-hammer style (BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!) my Sister started kicking and screaming like a wildcat! I yanked her hair down to keep her from biting me and began fucking my screaming Sister harder and faster and then all of a sudden she starts having a bunch of orgasms! SCREAMING orgasms! My back and butt were ripped to shreds from my Sister�s frantic scratching with her fingernails and I went momentarily deaf in my left ear from her orgasmic screaming less than an inch away from it. My sister just kept frantically bucking and I kept furiously fucking her, jack-hammering my Sister's bruised & battered cervix with my hard-headed cock! My bloated balls started tightening up and the familiar tingling between my legs told me that it was time to cum! My Sister sensing what was about to happen grabbed my rapidly clenching asscheeks in both hands and pulled me in as tight as she could.!!! With the head of my cock held firmly against my sister's wide-open cervix, SEVEN straight days of not ejaculating turned my incestuous teenaged cock into a Fire Hose On Steroids !!! SUNDAYMONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAYSATURDAY!!!!!!! God! It was the best sex EVER! (Even better than my first time with Mom!) --------------------------------------- Ever since then whenever we need to satisfy our violent, animalistic, incestuous urges, my Sister and I have been �there� for each other. PS. My Sister is the only female I know of (so far) that has orgasms while deepthroating my cock. Have you ever experienced getting a blowjob from a teenage girl while she cums & gags at the same time? "

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