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"Uphgfm, never do it right no matter what i do i feel ignorant stupid slow they are rude so uncaring because you talk about your family your putting your business out on the street they don't care about you are your family i need to remember they are not my friends and that hurts that you can't become friends with them because they are so unsocialable even Kathy she is rude and makes you feel stupid which i know that i am i cant get important like i did at barbe oh how i screwed myself up and can never go back there beause of my past and what i did will i ever be forgiven and needed again because she doesn't like me or wants me back God it is hopeless for me isn't it there is no chance for me at all is there there is no more chance for me is there God there is no way you will be able to tell me good job my faithful servant none there is no more hope for me is there. but God she was wrong to want her cell phone God she was wrong there and that was ok God In Jesus Name please help me and forgive me my sins In Jesus Name I pray"

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