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"When I turned 13, I fucked my best friend’s younger daughter’s friend. She was only 11, and told my friend’s sister that she liked me. The next week I invited her to my house. We were alone and I took her to my bedroom. We made out, felt each other up and got naked. There was no doubt she was going to let me fuck her. After trying to thrust my hard-on into her crotch, she was the one who guided me inside her pussy. It felt way better than masturbating, but I didn’t know my cockhead would get sensitive if I kept thrusting while I was ejaculating inside of her cunt. That was my first fuck, but not hers. She’d been fucking her now 18 year old step brother for over a year, since she was 10, and she loved it. I next fucked her on top of my friend’s bed about a month later when I was taking care of their St Bernard while they were away. The dog licked the bed on the spot where her ass had been, and I had to clean up the dog’s slobber. I lasted longer before cunning, the second time we screwed and she got a good feeling from it was well. The third time I fucked her was back at my house, while my stereo played. My older sister cane home before we finished, and she knew what we were doing. (This led to my having sex with my sister a couple years later, but that’s another story...) The final time I fucked this soon to turn 12 year old girl was over at her house, and in her mom’s bed, under the covers! This time I would climax inside her cunt and then keep going after the sensitivity passed. I came 4-5 times inside her pussy that night, and we fucked for about 2 hours. She even reached an orgasm or a really good feeling, she told me, as she confessed that she loved me. Sadly, my family moved out of state soon afterwards. She was my fist fuck, and a good one at that, even if we were both minors. We kept in touch for a while my letters, but lost contact eventually, but the confidence it gave me opened up many more pussies for my loving (good looking and good sized) cock to sexplore and thrust into, than if I hadn’t gotten to fuck her at such a young age! I even fucked two married women when I was only 16, ladies I did yard work and snow shoveling for. I had learned to make the first move by hugging and then kissing them without asking. Add a well placed hand on their pussies through their outer clothing, and soon enough they were leading me to their bedrooms. One , the 30-something,even had me wear her husband’s boxers while I fucked her adulterous cunt through the front flap! The other married woman was in her 40’s. She had hot cocoa ready for me after I shoveled her walks. She sat across from me in the living room, wearing a robe and a teddy. She let the robe fall open and I saw her cunt hair triangle beneath her see-through nightie. She asked me if I’d ever seen a mature woman naked in person, and she sat on the edge of her bed and spread her legs so I could sniff and lick her spread apart pussy lips and her clit that she pointed out! I dropped my pants and briefs and stuck my hard cock in her cunt while standing in front of her. I fucked her several more times that winter, whenever it snowed during the day and her husband was working. She taught me how to eat pussy like s pro, how to finger-fuck her to an orgasm, and how to fuck her doggie style as she bent over her bed. She also sucked me off and drank down my cum, and planted a horny seed in my brain for returning the favor to another male, which I do fairly often now that I’m retired. I love old man sperm! I even had consensual sex with a 72 year old widow when I was 17. I mowed her lawn each week, and then plowed her lubricated cunt after she fed me lunch each week. She even had me fuck her in the ass several times, and taught me how to lubricate and slowly fuck an anus for mutual pleasure. When my mom questioned me about why I stayed so long over at her house, she also told me she knew my sister and I were “making love,” and guess what? That led me to a lifetime of incestuous sex with my mom, while she was still married to my father, and after he died, even if I stopped fucking my sister when she got engaged. That’s all for now. Let me just end by saying that threesomes with married couples is my favorite scene! "

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