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"Wife discovered my fetish My wife discovered I am into small p**** humiliation recently. I'm smaller than average and I love to be told it. So since she found out, she teases me during s** and I struggle to hold back and not c**. Yesterday she got me within 20 seconds telling me how big her ex was. I pared to me, it sounds so cliche but OMG I shot so hard and good! Now tonight she told her best friend about how small my d*** is right in front of me. I got an instant b**** and had to fight the urge not to just c**. She told me to sneak off to the bathroom and w*** but keep listening. Next thing I hear is she is showing her friend a pic and all I hear is laughing and comments about how tiny it is. I shot my load all over the floor without any waiting. She is coming over again tomorrow and my wife says her friend wants to see and join in the humiliation. I'm in a state of permanent erection!"

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