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"You had to end our relationship b/c of all of the stress in your life. You were so busy with school and work and were going overseas for a temporary job assignment. But you never stopped loving me. There was no amount of distance or time constraints that would made me stop loving you. As I still do now. This was my first happy adult relationship. your actions: three weeks after we stop talking you decide that somehow you are prepared to get into another relationship. you 19 and her 29. And what about that temporary assignment overseas? You say you don't know...maybe you'll stay together. How can you do this to me? You are a liar. Do you know yourself at 19 and what do you have in common with her near 30 imagine when you are 30 she will be always 10 years older then you and it might not matter now to you but it will more later on? I know this is just a rebound, but shrew you. "

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