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"last few nights I have been staying at BA Broadbeach Gold Coast and I have been in so much back pain I had to give in and go by a heat pack and rub and have a massage and they had me on a massage table with a nice electric blanket. god I wish the hotel was warmer inside at night, last night about 1am the fire alarms went off and 2 fire trucks turned up and I was afraid, my mum was with me and I called down to the reception to see if we had to evacuate but no. thank god. we were going to see the glow worms. we said "bugger the glow worms its too cold, wait til summer" now to plan another holiday. but were ? I am aching all over. and had a massage and I feel like I need more. I want to try their spa and pool but too afraid to. I have had gastro and I am tired just walking around pacific fair cuz my hips are aching so badly. I went through this in my teen years before we got the bunks and my legs ached all winter when I was 15 or 16 it was so bad like this. same thing was like last year at tweed. god i hope it improves. "

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