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"many of my good undergarments like control briefs and lace things have gone missing. I am not sure if in this neighborhood there is a panties stealer. they must do it during the day and it can only be from chris or jason house. I can't afford to buy more these were discounted at $3.00 a pair so I got about 5 of them nice satin and lace control look full panties. in black, dark blue and red can't find them. why? This is why I hate my parents doing my washing. they insist on doing it and I liked it better when I did my own washing because of germs not being spread but also I know where they are. and also I hate that my mother and I are as fat as each other and she often uses my clothing not thinking. I used to like it better when I was a nice size 10 or 12 or even 14 and I knew what was mine! I can't afford to buy underwear for everyone in this street for fuck sake."

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