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"mary biakon here again, yeh you know me from dog times been here, flagging you down. i doubt my r-elves know hard times or how to fall on their bum. its not in them to be that way, they all have rather big bold jolly personalities and successful motivated get up go people who talk their way into positions of impotence some with no education and others with a lot of education. Me, I don't even bother talking about what I do anymore. What I really did, non know it but thee. Its irrelevant. In Cardwall if you don't do it all by 20 your over and that is where i went wrong. You have to have it all sent and a army team of squad ministers behind you to save your hinderings and i never had that fondely personality my r-elves did and everyone always wanted me to have slicked up buminos for untold reasons so I just had to learnith to thinkith thous way about everythunk and every1. So i often diche out a lot more opsila-shiot on innocents of companies hen they are ucia-wares of. Hools me finds the things i have hoone to one company is them so crazy on me love. i wonder to if they found the "fax off" from, or ever worked who was ordering all cum in that horse shit after overalls?"

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