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"my course system just went down and everything has seized up while I was trying to do an exam so I am cranky now and also I went to apply for a job and got cranky at them asking for birth certificate or passport and said what has this got to do with getting an interview? anyway? I am sick of having to prove who I am and I don’t have a passport and never been overseas and I am allowed to work I am born here, and then they said it was to do a police check. and I said well, go ahead and do one but you won’t find much. and I told them I am cranky my mouth is bleeding and I was worried last night my nose on the left nostril was gonna bleed it was blocked up and now it just hurts were there was a big blood blister and its still there and wondering should I annoy a doctor or go to the dentist next week and I don’t want to go to a hospital. it does not need that. the roof of my mouth is very yellowish red around the blood spot near the soft area of under the nose and my left nostril is sore and last time the specialist put a microscope long chord up my nostril it hurt like hell. I am cranky whats new, the only feeling I know. I need a holiday and a new life."

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