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" I am rather compulsive about school and taking too much classwork. It is often in a selfish or vain context and the pressure is too much from people, parents, but... most of all myself. I do think I lack the focus to really achieve what I am set out to do, that is, complete a double major in three short years, and as such I am always going to be unsatisfied with my work. It is already half way over and I don't know what to make of things. listening music is a nice excape while studying and I find study and going out and travelling and keeping busy makes me not think about irrelevant stuff, but there are many things I have sacrificed for this goal: a job, my own wellbeing, friendships, and other relationships perhaps, and at times my own happiness and simple routine. But at any rate my priorities are all out of place, health obsession and trying to relax and easy physical pain, schooling, exercise, relaxation, lovelife, parents and savings, it's a mixed jumble and I hardly see how I get anything done. Not to mention for all this I am rather lonely, and perhaps I think my life is empty because of this grind. That is all..."

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