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"<strong>I'm a really ugly girl, and i stress on the word REALLY, even a rhino's arse looks better than my face, and i have a sagy tits, simmilar to my grandmother's, and of course i'm still a virgin, and probably will die a virgin.</strong> <strong>this is not the problem, i got used to this, and i accept myself, but the problem is that i always day dream that i'm a little princess who likes to go fucken around, looking for OLD kings.</strong> <strong>still this is not a problem, cause everybody deserves the right to day dream, but what i notice when i come back to reality, i.e. my day dreams, is that i find my fingers are inside my vegina playing with my "little man in a boat" thingy.</strong> <strong>still tius is not a main problem, since we all like to play with ourselves sometimes, the problem it happens when i'm at the office or in a resturant with a couple of friends.</strong> <strong>still this is not the problem, since my friends know about my condition, but the problem is that the whole thing happen during my period time, which means that when i take my fingers out of my vegina, there is always a blood on them</strong> <strong>still this is nothing compared to what i suffer, we girls do have a persiod, and blood is something normal, the problem is that i like to lick my fingers afterwords, exactly like what people do when they eat KFC.</strong> <strong>still this is not the problem, according to the constitutional rights, every citizin have the right to lick his/her own finger, with or without blood, but the problem is that i feel disgusted afterwords and throw up in front of everybody</strong> <strong>I get embaressed.</strong>"

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