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"she needs to listen more about the seriousness she passes off some things and I feel like a liar or imposter if only she seen the mess of the house and the clutter its not normal and It will only get worse. someone from lifeline over xmas told me to do that when I rang I told the man how my dad broke the pantry door and just kept drinking and let it hang til me and mum took it off. and he has about 12 empty sorbelene bottles he refuses to throw out and that is only a small part of it. I have to back to my doctor over the bladder pain as one gp said it could be a tumor causing this? it worries me and I am in pain and I think I need to make her understand the seriousness of some issues she is passing off like dads drinking and bullying and how his hoarding and my shopping addictions have to be dealt with. we never talk about that and the shame i feel over it or my weight. i have great plans and then great intentions that always go sour and the guilt trippers turn up to play in my head of "oh your so like this person then you know etc" and it doesn't help to just shoot the breeze when its a serious issue apart from the bullying. my fears are that we have had people break n entering and now my parents are going away and I feel afraid for the house to not be occupied but for me I am afraid to be here alone for break and enter fears and should i go or not or what? I can't trust anyone and fear someone breaking in when we are not there. there my issues right now. its all scattered over the place but I wrote them down and make a plan how to handle each thing."

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