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"so I have learnt some software systems for work etc and most of them never used, now there is all these new ones taking over in admin. I am so frustrated I have been doing Opera PMS and I sat the freakin exam 2 times and failed. Its a hard exam. My course teacher didn't provide us with a manual, oh, no, we had to go find it for ourselves. I just want easy exams. I am sick of complications. I have to take heaps of dam notes and you know what, probably never dam use the system ever in any job. I know most people who do courses never work in what they study. Its just murphy's rule. Life is laughing at you. PMS pre-mongr-syndrome! I got enough mongr in me to be a cop! you bringing it out in me every day when things don't go good for me. You want to be careful what monster you create in me! and that is a warning! "

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