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"thanks for your insults about my skin cancer also, go ahead insult me that I don't wash and acne skin, its a allergy and I have to use cancer creams that make it worse before its better. but go ahead insult me and hurt my feelings like you always have! go ahead. when I had cancer cut out you made fun of that from vagina and other skin. yeh, you think your so funny. go ahead but its on your own soul and god hears all. you don't think i feel embarrassed and ashamed of my skin and want to cover it up and the ugly red hair and fair skin with red blotches. but go ahead make me feel less of a woman every day if you need to and see me husbandless and childless if it makes you feel so much better. wow. you need to see me with no job, no fortune and no love or degree and your millions so you can be half way nice to me, wow, that is what it took to make you half way less insulting to me. wow. as if it should matter to you if I found love and not have to answer to you and your husband and have a husband of my own that might be richer and better then you. wow. I am half your age or less but wow. your insecurity shows more then my cancer! you bitch! "

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