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"the teacher verbally attacked me when i asked for a refund and that their standards were poor she started a viscous and cowardly attack on me while I was sick with virus and she said "I don't care if you need money or a refund for medical treatment" how would it had been if I had of done her class and someone injured me? she would have said the same thing anyway. she don't care. she shouldn't even be working in anything in health care if she can say she don't care. how unprofessional to say that. its not my place to be the professional here its her place to be professional. she caused me an injury. she has made threats to attack me more. so I reported her, she wouldn't let me speak to the director cuz she is the linchmob dog. we will just call her edelweiss and no one looks happy to see her. how evil. what a cowardly and vicious attack on someone with a lung infection and virus. I hope it happens to her ! "

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