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" this is the best thing that happened to me and I thought that everyone else might like it! =I wasn't allowed to have kids, when I came out and told my support group team and other health people I was sexually abused as a child, they all stopped me from having a child and all of them said that I would grow up to abuse a child, that most people who have been sexually abused will abuse. I wanted to be a mother and this hurt me so deeply I cried myself to sleep for around 10 years and still no one wanted me at 33 everyone stopped liking me because it had got out that my sexual abuser had got me to play sex games with other kids when I was a child so I was labelled a paedophile at the age of 4 -10. that is how Australia is. its worse then red neck country. when they hate you they really hate you. and I am not I like grown man's white dicks you know! not kids. I was stopped from getting work and friends and owning anything or holidaying and also education and access to healthcare. I was treated like the criminal rather then the victim. still today certain groups refer to me as paedophile and I am not. they won't allow me to work or have a marriage even! you have no idea how this hurts, I was raped for the sins I committed and had an abortion and was near placed into a nuthouse and also heaps of people have been sterilised from fertility here by vaccines so its a form of terrorism no one wants to talk about! and we are white not black. I think the world went mad all due to a fuck head rich gamer who controls everyone and the world != spreading hate every day til I die. this set of lessons you all need this this world will do you or your kids well."

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