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"usually I just have lower back pain and abdo pain and sciatica but this year with flu viruses we got has been shocking. the main reason a lot of people in Australia have flu even with vaccination this year has been due to a mutation of the viral vaccine process here and also more people coming in for commonwealth games. we have been more sick then not. I had to just about beg a physio to do percussion therapy on me and the thoracic back pain I have been in from coughing fits and one night I didn't stop all night til I went on sunday out to a pharmacist I like and he gave me some good stuff that really worked on the cough. I had percussion therapy back in 2014 when I was very sick and I had a pneumonia and I got a bird flu or swine flu when in 2011 when my grandfather died. I don't mess around when it comes to my lungs because of whopping cough I had and I have had a non- paralysing form of polio I swear itand I had doctors to stool tests to check and we gone through testing for stds and cancers and I don't know what else to do, as nothing showed and that should be a good thing but I feel like "why am I in this much pain then?" I got coughing fits and vomiting dizzy fits in 2007-2008 and had heaps of MRI's on my brain and body for migraines and they did just all my body to find out what the dam hell was wrong. my leg injury from the car accident still gives me pain but last xrays showed no fluid on the joints were as I do have a bursitis and spur on shoulder and a few ganglion cysts on hip joints and one ovary was swollen but they just want to go with keyhole surgery I just want a xray or mri or ctscan what ever to see what is causing all the pelvic and lower pain or the back discs are worse . 2 bugling discs is shit pain and then from the car accident cervical discs in the neck damaged but I am sick of this pain and soreness and fat."

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