By Anonymous on Hate,

"I hate Islam Muslims are by far the craziest and overzealous in defending their religion next to Christianity. I have only seen Muslims and Christians actively trying to convert others and preach to others about the greatness of their religion even as far as telling people of other faith why their religion in ferior to theirs. Muslims do this a lot. In their open religious sermons during maghrib every sundown on Friday, you could hear the religious leader preaching in the mosque how other religions are inferior to Islam and is the true religion and other religion must be 'diminished' by pulling people into Islam, use force if need be. I have never seen such a hateful religion that teaches it's followers to 'kill the non-believers', treat women like a pile of garbage and spread a large scale hate. What if I told you Islam is the largest, most successful CULT out there? You heard me, Islam is not a religion. It is a cult. One guy out of nowhere says he spoke with God in a f****** cave. In our times, that guy would be put in a mental institution. And if you read Muhammad's biography, the dude's life is a s**** up since he was born. I say Muhammad suffered from a severe mental illness that caused him to adopt a despotic view of himself so as to trick himself, thinking he has a sense of control over his life. Muslims are adhering to the words of a MADMAN. Sadly, most Muslims are too brainswashed to the point that they dont realize this. Their religion is a virulent one. I mean COME ON, dude had SEVEN WIVES, the last one being a 6 year old girl. SIX YEARS OLD. He sent a letter to a Roman emperor THREATENING him that he would go to h*** if he does not embrace Islam. Like, seriously? If you are a Muslim and you read this, sorry to say your ass had been living a lie for the longest time. Islam is a cult founded by a madman and you fell for it. Sorry but you're an idiot if you think Islam is beautiful. No, it's not. ps: I believe in God, but I do not name my God as Jesus, Allah, Baghwan, Yahweh or s*** like that. I believe that God is out there he never asked us to debate which version of God is the best."

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