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"I just feel so frustrated with my diet. no matter what exercise or less eating it doesn't seem to help losing weight. even the dietician saying eat more to turn over metobolism faster doesn't feel like its helping. I don't enjoy food a lot of the time. if anything i am feel sick a lot. then she said go off all suppliments for a while to detox and work on inflamation first but I am missing my suppliment vitamins to be honest. I eat too much cheese and bread i think. I should eat more fish and veg and I do eat alot of veg and fruit but i should eat more of them. like today I didn't have soup for lunch seeing i was having it for dinner so I had something lite on 1 slice toast and some milk drink. all the really hard physical workouts and not one bit of weight loss last year and i got in the crabs with it because they don't use the air con enough and it was too hot to the point I was getting heat rashes all the time and clothing was soaked in sweat all day and then I had thrust so once I got the shoulder injury I gave up. I don't eat enough to be fat and that is just the blunt truth."

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