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"Why standarize me? This website has a lot of weird content. But it also has a lot of visitors. So if you read this, and you're moved by it, let others know too. I'm sure schools were created to help us learn. We do learn. But slowly, it's becoming much less effective. I'm a child in NYC. Here, they're working to standarize everything. All we're learning is about current and past events, and not being prepared to face what will come when all the officials in the Department of Education are all dead or dying. I understand that all they want us to do is to become better educated, but I don't think they're realizing that standards isn't the best way to do it. All they talk about is making sure we meet the standards. They don't care if we're smarter. They just want us to be average. They assess how well we conform to the standards by giving us a test that totals to 9 hours, and they're increasing its length too. But it's starting to become obvious that the tests are just useless. They're forcing the teachers to do test preperations with us, wasting a month worth of lessons that might actually benefit us in life. Also, half of test prep was spent teaching us test taking skills/strategies/tips. There's even a box in the beginning of the test that says "Test taking tips"! All that goes to show is that the test isn't even a good representation on how well we meet their standards. It just tests us on how well we can take a test. They probably do this because of the financial gain. It's so easy to just market a book as "Test prep" and have it sell. With standards, you could easily make a book to cover all the topics. Without standards, you would need an encyclopedia to cover everything. One thing NYC does is provide tutoring classes for free. They get enormous funds for it however, even though a lot of the teachers are volenteers. Another thing I want to point out. All we learn in social studies is how prestigious America's government system is, and how it really is a free country. We never touch upon its downsides. However, we talk a lot about the negatives other countries in addition to their positives. It's biased. And I don't know, but western society classifies most of the populated world as either "Developing", or "developed." It's just... wrong. They think of themselves as superior, and use the term "Developing" for places that they think don't meet up with the technological standards. It just means that they want to abide by the laws of nature and not society. It's just rotten. They need to know the difference between cause an effect. Do we need better standards because our education is declining? Or is our education declining because the standards are taking over? Here's something I saw that radically changed my point of view ?"

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