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" I have a hopeless crush on a straight up girl who was crushing back because she liked my class, but after we met in person, she didn't ever lost the interest. I hate my it sometimes and I feel like life would be so much easier if I were born a clever she would say. I heard from a friend that she said, "well, when we met, i knew it would never work out." She spoke for both of us, but I never once thought that at all, and hearing that secondhand from someone else just crushed me. she has such an amazing mental connection with a man who is overseas and graded clever then herself, she never found me attractive... nothing? I just don't understand if I did anything wrong or not. I'm fine with being her friend, but it's hard that we haven't talked about it because I have absolutely no closure and I'm too scared to confront her with some other guy by her side. I can't get over her, no matter what I do, no matter how many other girls I date. I can't stand being stuck on her. It hurts too much. I am a guy with half a mind and half a heart but she has cut me apart. I don't want feelings for much of her time or that stuff in work anymore and I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest for the last time. more girls have had this effect on me before but not like this one. I hate him more and cunt see his face yet. It used to hurt but so much for a light or spark in the downs. "

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