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"tell me on a average how a person gets fat eating this. and I don't eat cupcakes much its just i got a packet of these mini ones last week but that is rare for me. breakfast- 1/4 oats milk honey, half a banana , half a cup each tea and coffee, water x4 glasses lunch- baked beans and 2 slices wholemeal bread, and milk&yogurt , lemon water x 3 dinner- tomato/kale/chickpea soup and meatballs parsley , 1 slice wholemeal toast , tea x 4 cocoa dark chocolate milk drink, 1 mini choc cupcake. supper- 4 crackers , sm cheese and 1 pear breakfast- 1/4 cup oats, honey cherries, milk tea and coffee, water, grapefruit juice m/t 1 mini cup cake with chocolate and tea lunch- 2 slices of wholemeal bread, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, meat, cheese 3 mandarins I cooked up some rhubarb, apple and pear dinner- chicken, baked veg, steamed veg greens, gravy rhubarb and apple and pear with custard"


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