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"the reason why a lot people are not getting jobs now is so much online learning doesn't equal real practical experience unless the work is computer based. you can go do a waxing online course but you need at least 1-2 years experience to work or get a job in it or you start your own business and you need a car or location base in commerical place or from home and that goes for everything now. you can go to a optical or pharmacy dispensing or dental or online hairdressing course but you need at 1-2 years practical experience and that has to come from companies and they expect colleges to do all the training and it just doesn't work like that. you might get work from a online computer based course like IT tech or data entry or but even then you really do need practical learning trainee ship that is supported learning by companies, no matter your age. even in accounting or natural therapies/life coaching or HR and home based work you need to spend a lot to get a penny back which you may never. even hospitality work is hard to get now unless you are in the know in most places or high tourist location and even they have dropped numbers. the problem is most places don't want to train people and if they do their traineeships are pathetic and the colleges and tafe are just as slack with 1 weeks work experience is not going to help you anymore. and university actually does not train you real work skills for the workforce unless its a specialised area. that is why I just give up. what is the point of bothering all the time. so much red tape now even with babysitting. people did that once just with trust, a blue card won't prove you won't abuse someone in the future, cuz anyone can do a police check for employment reasons. and a drivers licence is not needed to work as a receptionist or retail person unless your in merchandising or freelancing or a area manager and usually they department selective people not just run of the mill to go do deliveries. its so stupid now. jobs and people don't make sense anymore just like love and people don't make sense anymore. nothing makes any sense anymore."

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