By Anonymous on Hate,

"this person is just a terrorist trolling anyone with a different opinion. what he needs to realise is not everyone likes bikey trash from scum hoods who are basically animals. i don't like prince harry because he was a druggy and drinker and doing nazi parties and he is crazy and william is just as stupid like all those idiots on the rsl ships. what is so special about joyce going on about being in the officers mess. mess alright. a scumsty. I don't have to like drunks and druggies. the old tale is "once I did wrong I heard ever, once i did right and i heard never royals that is life. people remember what you are and do. I never felt the need to be nude poker playing. i never felt the need to act stupid. i never felt the need to fake ass around like the royals do. i never felt the need to throw eggs at people. i never felt the need to attack people physically unless provoked once in a blue moon. i never felt the need to be a stupid old bitch mouth like joyce. i never felt the need to play mind games on people and deceive them or take their money and fraud them. I am up front what you see is what you get and if you don't like it you get and harry and william will never make a man or police officer i know that much. haha. the cops would arrest them for their crimes. get real and awake. "

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