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"I don't mean to complain Honestly, in many ways my life sucks. My dad's a drug addict whom I never met. My step-dad and mom are both bipolar and emotionally abusive. My step-dad also is a cop and treats me like a criminal any time I'm even the slightest bit out of line. By slightest bit out of line, I mean the one day I got stuck in traffic and showed up exactly at 11:01pm. One minute past curfew. He screamd at me for about 20 minutes about how horrible that was of me. I also have to buy all my own things with my own money. Yeah, I know it's not a big deal. It just sucks when you're 17 and making minimum wage at Chuck E. Cheese. Some days I count up all my change to see if I have enough to eat that day. My parents take almost everything I earn and use it towards bills and their food and essentials. I understand they need help too, but I'd appreciate it if they stopped charging me for everything. I also have to buy all of our chickens feed; but only two of the birds out of eight are mine. This means I'm only aloud to have two eggs per day too. Sadly only one of my birds has started laying, so for now I have one egg a day. If I spend any money on myself, they call me greedy and selfish. If I want to go out somewhere besides work; they assume I'm using drugs. At the same time, I love my life. My family has its moments, but they still are my family. Even though it's s***** pay I honestly can say I love my job. Everyone there always helps me out and lets me vent to them on days when I'm upset. A few times I've been insulted by customers, and I had every other girl in the store come up and give me a hug. They really are some of the best friends I could ask for. My boss has also slipped me free meals and lets me take home extra food. My friends aren't always there for me, but I love them anyway. While I complain a lot at times, it's mainly just because I need to get some things out in the open. Really I don't mean to sound like a b**** or anything."

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