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"! I've been trying to change my job just to get away from him but getting another job is proving to be difficult. I keep wishing he would go away! I keep saying 'No' to everything he says but he knows that my 'No' is not really a 'No'.I'm afraid if this goes on for much longer I'd probably give into my l***. I don't want to do that. I don't want to become 'that' woman. I feel so depressed! I feel like I've lost control of my life.The past six months have been the best of my life, and its because of you. You make me feel unbeliveble. Nobody has ever made me feel this way ever. Everyday I talk to you its a good day. You make me laugh everyday. :( I just hope you think the same. I hope I'm pretty enough! I think you are absolutely the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. my wife took two pregnancy tests last my wife took two pregnancy tests last night, both favorite part was being completely anonymous OMG!!!You have an amazing personality and almost always have a good sense of humor. We were not planning this and I am freaking out.I'm in l*** with a married man I'm in my late 20's and unmarried. I've never really been serious with anyone. About a year ago I met this married guy at my workplace. I instantly felt attracted to him but it wasn't anything earth shattering. But then he started to flirt with me and things started to get kind of serious. At first I was avoiding him like h*** but nothing seemed to work. He wouldn't leave me alone. My attraction to him started deepening into l***. I felt a bit relived when there was talk of him getting another job. But he didn't get that job and things got even worse!"

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