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"My Bestfriend Me and thi girl have know each others since our freshman year of highschool,when i first met her i was already attracted to her, but i gt the immediat friend zone soo that was that... until or sophtmore year after wed gone on summer break i had gotten more athletic and lost my puberty phase (zits cracky voice ect.) and when i came back me and her were still very close friends we spent alot oftime together, everyday it seemed. she would tell me she felt very close to me, one day we were in class and idk if this was a hint or not but she put her legs on mine while we were in a group activity, and told me she felt very comfortable with me O.o it was at that point i was Sexually Attracted to her, not that i wasnt kind of already. well things happened and im guessing that she had liked me cause she didnt tell me when she was dating one of my friends... it made me insainley jelouse, i wasnt going to be a ass and say anything to make them break up. so i waited and told her after they had broken up, she told me that she didnt want me to feel this way torwards her cause she didnt want it to 'Ruin us' in the end, that she thought she could have been with me back then and that i told her i wanted her as just a friend. Im Heartbroken and unable to get over her... i told her this at the end of my first semester junior year. its now senior year and im still in love with her and im afraid to bring it up again, cause i think she probably doesnt have those feelings for me anymore at all, yet were still extremely close, i talk to her more than any of the guys shes ever dated x3. i just dont know what i should do, and yes ive tried dating other girls it just didnt work or seem to help cause when i was with them i could only think of her... Help me, any advice would be great!"

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