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"Or, at least, I created it. I made the email <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> and posted it on a public forum, as a joke. (The Hotmail was for a joke, too: HOTmail? Like the devil?) My only thoughts were: <em>Not a single person in the world could believe this.</em> Even if they did, they'll quickly come to their senses after looking at my title (Admin changed it to "Class Clown".) , signature (Admin made it "^The above text is probably satire^"), or avatar (I use my <a href="">New Numa</a> avvie that's on here). Well, needless to say (This is a confession, after all, right?), some person emailed it and believed me. They confessed all of their sins to me, and I, still KNOWING that no person could be this stupid, gave them the benefit of the doubt and replied, "It's okay. You have been forgived. Eat lot's of muffins!". Well, they replied back, and said, "OH! THANK YOU GOD! THANK YOU!". I realized now that he wasn't playing, and he really thought it was God. I couldn't tell him then, because it would break his heart, but I was wondering if I can still get forgiveness?"

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