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"I am confessing AGAIN! grrrrrrrrrrrrr I realize I'm not "supposed to" but I like being 38. I know I'm supposed to worry about my gray and that a 20 year old is going to usurp my position as "desirable"... but I don't care! I'm so happy with where I am as a woman, I'd rather be me, at this age right now than ever go back to being naive and anxious and trying to base my life on crap that doesn't really matter! shy boy. I like a girl named Julianne. She has very bad vision, and a better hearing than most, resulting in her being very silent and withdrawn. But when she allows you to see it, she has a great personality.It will never go away you 17 have bipolar disorder. It will never go away. Even though I am careful, I will still have episodes throughout my life. I can't fix this. I'm so ashamed. "

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