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"Okay so hey all of you know me as ShyGirl101 or HERE4U well call it whatever you want but some people on here have asked me to confess about my life and about other things that interest a lot of people on here apparently. For instance I was asked to talk about s** and What Turns me on and stuff well I am most shocked by that question but apparently it is what a lot of you on this site want so how about I start out slow by just confessing things I have done no matter how stupid it seems nor how sad or suspenseful or whatever you want to say about it. My life is not perfect although I try to make it seem like it is bye putting down everyone else I think that was one of my motives to even come on to this site in the first place. I have never felt the love from my family as though a person should get from family members and/or love ones they know and care about. Well I am 15 and I have to go to school tomorrow so I will finish this up later because it is 11 O'clock right now and I'm a heavy sleeper so goodnight and hopefully I get comments about what I have to say so far and I will be back on here to continue the confession I was starting sorry I know this is weird but I'm a busy and tired person so I need my sleep. Soon to return and finish have a good night people."

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