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"Right from the beginning, I knew I Right from the beginning, I knew I shouldnt of been born Right from the beginning, mistakes were my life. Nothing I ever did, was right. NOT once. I was ridiculed for things, blamed for being me. I was hurt by my "family" and so I covered myelf with a shield. Has anyone ever broke in? A crack maybe.But not much. I dont like for people to be in my business. But inside Im thinking it would be nice if once in a while someone asked. Just to fathom the notion that someone cares. But that is too much to ask. Im the quiet one. I say nothing when someone jokes on me. I know what I WOULD say,but i think why waste energy? I hate being talked down to, but I come home to exactly that everyday. Of course Im not perfect sometimes. And people automatically think that whatever they think I am, I wil always be. F*** them. They are nothing. Thats why I despise most people now. They make me sick to my stomach. And sometimes I could be sitting with my friends,and blank off into space and just feel hatred filling me up. Basically my whole life is crap. Always has been. Never was allowed to be happy. You didn't make me happy. You didn't fill the space I needed filled. I have always been insecure. I have always been angry. I have always been unhappy."

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