By Anonymous on Marriage,

"Class reunion My wife and I for some time had been enjoying her wearing low cut top's without a bra for some time, she liked the attention and I enjoyed other guy's seeing her chest when possible. One day she had gotten a letter about her 15 year high school reunion, and called some of her friend's she was still in touch with to see if they were going, and thought she would like to go. One night out while she was wearing a top I loved, and having dinner, she told me that while in her senior year she had given her gym teacher blow job's once in a while. She told me that he was married to an English teacher at the school, she never told anyone until me, not even her best friend's, and know one ever found out. He was in his 30's at the time, I just thought he was a lucky man. Shortly before the reunion, she found out that he and his wife would be there as they both still thought there. I told my wife that when he see's you he will have some really good memories. She laughed and said so will I. When we got there it was packed, and lot's of already drunk people. My wife found some of her friend's and they started talking about old time's. I left to get us something to drink at one point and at the bar saw a guy getting drink's and saw the name tag and realized this was her gym teacher. I said hello and he looked at me trying to remember who I was, I told him I did not go to the school, I was here with my wife and told him her name. You could see in his face a look of surprise and said oh wow, I haven't seen her since she was in school. I told him that I'm sure she would like to say hello, and if he had the time to come over. I will, I would like to see how she's doing. When I got back to my wife, I whispered in her ear that I met her gym teacher and told him you would like to say hello and to come over when he had the time. She had a look of surprise and pleasure. Not long after he had found us and they gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They talked for a bit and as if know one knew my wife alluded to the fun they had. He said he often thought of the good old's. My wife now having had 3 glasses of wine and a fourth in her hand, had smiled and said well tonight we are here to have at least one more time of fun together. My wife stood close to him and let him know that she would like to spend some alone time with him if he was willing. He looked around in a state of surprise and said really you want to wear? She said she knew just the place, and asked if he knew where his wife was. He told her she was helping with some stuff in another area. Let's go, they left the area and about 20 minute's later, my wife came back to me and said it was just as she remembered, but this time after a quick sucking on his cock he asked if he could lick her, she was happy to let him only if he fucked her until he came inside her. So now I had to tell her I wanted my turn while she was still full of his cum, she took my by the hand and lead me to the place they went and said fuck me like he just did"

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