By Anonymous on Murder,

"Just a girl rambling He probably doesnt really care. and now hes avoiding me... what did i do? what didnt i do? i really thought that he might care... im always to blame, maybe i put that on my self but it feels true... I should have said hello, i should have smiled, should have tried to try. i just cant. Ive cared about him forever and i see him everywhere why not.... why cant i do this? why do i put up this wall that prevents me from leaving this stupid bubble of safety i put myself into... im afraid of embarrassment, im afraid of being totally ignored so i let the most perfect relationship slip away. I love everything about him, just who he is. Of course hes attractive which makes it worse! If he were more normal, this woud be easier... hes just too amazing... i dont know what to do because i just shut down my real feelings, i cut myself off to avoid pain.... anytime ive tried to say what i really feel in the past my parents have mocked me, have said i was nothing, have said that i was worthless and useless and stupid. How can i put my feelings back on the line? i just cant handle being totally rejected i really cant. All my friends have boyfriends now and im losing them. My best friend is already gone so instead of having anyone who cares, and who i care about... im writing on an anonymous confessions wall. I wish i was brave. i wish i could allow myself to be happy. i wish. Maybe i can??? I had this audition today where there was an interview, i was fine. i kept my head and didnt flip out like i thought i would.... maybe he wont hate me, although lately it seems like it.... i dont know what i did wrong. i think i may have missed my chance...."

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