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"i have worried i am dying or have a illness no doctor will tell me about. i don't want to live if my cat dies or if my mother dies. there will be no point to life. sometimes i torture myself with videos of bodies done up for coffins and morgue and crematory and how they pump out the blood to put in a fluid. what is the point of life with my cat or my mum. my bastard father had tried to kill us all with his smoking and his stupidity. i just stay in bed all day everyday for the last 7 years and sick of vomiting and headaches and doctors talking shit at me. and their lies and churches lies and they are stealers. and everyone is scamming and the only winners are the hustlers. we are told to learn to get your hustle together to get work. yeh right. go shove a chainsaw up your face and cunt! "

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