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"informed mr that he had dropped my toothbrush into the toilet........ This was after I had brushed my teeth with a stick but wtf? as if he, the chancer would be with him----nobody else but with him --DAMN RIGHT I WOULD. [mobile 042301864] If You Only Knew You were a pretty good F*ck Buddy. We had a lot of sex together and I don't regret that at all. It got weird when you constantly told me to stay away from your teen daughter. I had zero interest in her as it was. It became a real mood killer everytime you just had to bring it up. I guess you couldn't get it through your head that I wasn't your ex who molested her when she was younger. It wasn't cool the way you ended the realtionshit with y'all. I would have NEVER been there if I had known you were engaged to someone else. You shit all over me with the way you dumped me (Gosh, is it any surprise he divorced you after only a couple of years?)"


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