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"I am a high level executive at a mid-size company. My secretary has been screwing mother-in-law for the past year. I told my secretary that if she was going to keep on fucking around like that, I would have to pimp her out or I would fire her. She was very reluctant to stop her affair with my mother-in-law, but her job was very important to her too as she has 5 kids. Eventually she decided to let me whore her out to the office. This has been going on for almost a year now. She stopped screwing around with my mother-in-law 4 months ago, but the office is very happy with my secretary. I finally decided that this was enough and called the whole thing off a few weeks ago. My secretary is still working for me, as I pay her quite well. But now, I feel that I should have never done this in the first place and cannot stand to see her everyday after what I did. Am I a bad person?"

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