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"can you now see tracey? can you now see how australians want to leave australia to get a better life somewhere else???? we are so suppressed and abused and poverty struck and conservo and have no place to go that we understand is home anymore! can you now see why an abused white woman would not find burlesque and strip in some weirdo woman's social group that only help divorced women and foreign or gay women and to me its as not fun? can you now see tracey? can you? cuz I am always listening to everyones words carefully and watching body language and omissions and constructs around them! can you now see how most people in australia are doing it tough unfairly and the white prejudice just because we are white and we have to move and study overseas to be educated and to count we have to marry a foreigner to survive so called equality cuz no Australian men will pay homage to their own people, everything is contructed around no social activity other then professional and to break that code would be morally judged so I can't date my australian coach at the gym but others from overseas can and I have to bring in a south american or russian because no australians see me as equal but outsiders do out away from this country I am respected, but here no respect often and employ them or friend them or date them. we have to date foreigners to feel worthy because we don't get that here from our own kind. "

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