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"I have known her best friend before I dated my girlfriend, sadly, I already was. But here she is acting so regretful we were never a family the previous night, then 24 hours my damn self at the last minute. but recently my crush on her is getting more and more intense...because suddenly I find that she has many qualities that my girlfriend doesn't. Now that my girlfriend is not around, I would always try to spend time with her and make some excuses to go to her place. I would make up occasions that only the both of us would attend, and she actually accepts my invitation. I really enjoyed spending time with her and always wanted to be close to her. I think I have fallen in love with her and the feeling of love is even more intense than towards my girlfriend because I feel really, I've been driving to the free dentist a couple hours away (four hour drive total each time) every week for four weeks to take care of my mouth. They were surprised at how few sealants I had. I only remember my mom taking me to that dentist a couple times as a teen... and it was right there. My stepdad never talks to me. If he walks in the room while I'm in there, he acts like I shouldn't be there. He called me a bitch a few times as a teen. really happy when I am able to see her and I constantly want to share all the good stuff with her.never ... She will never feel the same"

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