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"Politics, society, pop culture and the human condition: I am done! I hear about certain ethnic persuasions complaining about profiling by the police and unfair treatment by the law....try this one on for size: When I was a a young business man with a reasonable level of success in LA, I decided its time to buy myself a fun car for the week I went down to the local exotic car shop and found this un-believable Porsche Speedster....and after a couple of days of consideration, I bought the car. NOT 100 FEET OFF THE LOT ON PCH, I WAS STOPPED BY A BEACH CITY POLICE SQUATD CAR LOOKING FOR THE TAGS ON THIS CAR (ITS GOT NO PLATES CAUS I JUST BOUGHT IT) UPON REACHING INTO THE GLOVE BOX TO SHOW THE REGISTRATION, I AM CONFRONTED WITH DRAWN WEAPONS POINTED AT MY HEAD. APPARENTLY, THE POLICE THOUGHT I MAY HAVE BEEN REACHING FOR A, did I immediately think that I was being profiled for being a young arrogant jerk with a cool car? No, I simply put my hands in the air and told the officers that the paperwork was in the glove box......they checked it out and I was on my way....that's it, I have not held a resentful thought for those officers ever sense, they were doing their job.....its a dangerous job. (ii) and how about this wife was driving a new car that we had just purchased and was pulled over by the police to inquire about a car without tags....she does not feel offended. They are doing their jobs! The police have come to our home after neighbors have complained about our kids making noise in the back yard....are we offended? no, they are doing their jobs. K... appears to be offended at the drop of a hat.....because he feels so 'special': I got news for you, do you think that you match up in any way with the character, the talent or the class of DJ (the NY Yankee that just retired at Yankee Stadium? that's class, talent and character. Kanye, you are not even close to any one of these are vile! I am involved in municipal politics..... you wanna see some of the most entitled people this side of the UAW? Work with city or county staff people.....give me a break! ......I could go on, but I'm tired because I half to work three times as hard ever since the bankers colluded with politicians to give everyone free homes.....and then crashed the economy. Good night!"

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