By Anonymous on Pride,

"i just tried some pear and cheese and jaz crackers sometimes I have that before going to bed and I have half a glass of juice (not the time you are thinking not dangerous or sugary) and trying to enjoy eating it which is hard for me. dinner was interesting mum went to a lot of effort and did this tomato bean soup with kale and chickpea and meat balls and sour cream on top with parsley. I could have forgone everything but the parsley to be honest the way I feel. lunch was a struggle to eat 1 slice of wholemeal bread and beans and cheese and milk chai thing with yogurt drink. breakfast I had 1 quarter of a cup of oats as always and some fruit but I woke up at 2am and had some crust and marmalade jam and tea cuz I couldn't sleep I am so stressed out over elisa if she is going to fraud me and the bank so after I came home from a medical procedure I was so agressive and annoyed I yelled and sent hate emails to my bank calling them a bunch of cUnz! yeh well when I have a bad day and I was in pain some one is going to cop it ! i felt dam violated I tell you. bloody insult."

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