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"My country was last fighting the right battle in WWII.  Since then, we've invaded countries to interfere in their national politics (Vietnam), gone to war for oil (Gulf Wars I and II) and stood by idly watching genocide (the act we helped to stop in WWII) in Rwanda, for which we didn't apologize until many years later, and now again in Darfur, for which we probably won't apologize for many years to come.  We are also responsible, nationally, for thousands of drug related deaths by not making safe drugs available, and shunning drug users so they are too scared to seek help.  Our prison system exists to keep criminals in jail, rather than rehabilitate them, so their children grow up thinking that jail is just another part of life, and it means less to them.  The prison system perpetuates itself for the financial sake of those who own the prisons.  We continue to discriminate based on race and religion all over the world, helping only those who we deem financially worthwhile. I am ashamed of my Government.  Judge me, not my Government."

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