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"then i get aching veins in my left arm which i started getting as a teen now i know they are collapsing n this feeling like a static shock in the chest and anal bleeding out of nowhere and server period pain. and no husband no man at all to support me or want to have a marriage and baby with me. and just don't even bring up work. i am sick of being rejected for work applications and men and i go to university class for medical triage and i get stressed and make my mother come to the university campus with me because i am so scared to go alone at night. I have exams and i have to make $2,000 for my medical workshop with my RN teacher and I have no idea where the money is coming from. no idea. like most things. stressed out like you wouldn't believe and one gp said most of my panic is from having no husband to take care of me and think of my needs. "

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