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"who writes this shit? I heard about a woman inserting a potato as a contrceptive and grew roots inside her and near killed her, just read this crappity shit bamies, who the hell would do this ? I love potatoes in the morning I am a very odd person. I am not attracted to people. I am attracted to many fruits and vegetables ... especially potatoes!! I feel like they're always watching me ... even staring ... telling me how good i look! That's why I only eat meat and insects. I guess you could call me a meat-itarian!! Get it?? My favorite movie is toy story ... all because of ... yes ... you guessed it ... MR. POTATO HEAD!!!! Is there any name for my condition!? If you know one please write me and my fellow potato heads (get it) at i<[email protected] could this be the miley ? nuts? next time try some real beef and potatoes ??? lol. "

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