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"Ex-girlfriend sends me d*** pics for humiliation My ex broke up with me about 3 weeks ago pretty much during s**. I'm really only good in missionary position because of my size (4 inches hard). The last night she really wanted doggy but I kept falling out every few seconds. She got mad, yelled insults for about 5 mins and the left. Now everyday since she sends me a pic of a c*** with a measuring tape next to it, and they're real photos as I recognise her hands. She hasn't f***** anyone smaller than 7 inches. And one night the pic had 2 d**** in it! Sometimes she sends extra pics like her sucking the c**** or whilst getting f*****. She came round last night and told me to f*** her, I couldn't believe my luck! I got on top and put my d*** in and felt nothing, she just wanted me to feel how stretched she was. She literally touched my d*** and I came. She laughed and left and continues to send me photos which I kind of find a turn on now!"


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