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"I had my son just after my 16th birthday. I married a man who was not his father when I was 19. When my son was 13 his father beat me up and left me because I complained about him having sex with his own sister. After being without a man for 4 months, I was really randy. One night, I went to my son's room as he was undressing for bed. He gasped when I took hold of his cock and began wanking it. Then I fell to my knees and sucked him off. When he'd finished cumming, I got him hard again, mounted him, and fucked him hard. I slept in his bed that night, and he fucked me 3 more times before we fell asleep. Now we sleep together every night. My doctor had told me that I couldn't get pregnant again but when my son was 15 years old, I had a beautiful baby girl. I don't enjoy being fucked by a condom-covered cock so now I'm on the pill. My son often sucks and licks me aching clit until I cum, and also mouth-fucks me quite often. I never refuse him anything, and even let him fuck me when I'm having my period."

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