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"This is the problem with a lot of marriages. Many women think that just because they now have a rock on their finger they don't have to try anymore, that you'll just accept it and shut up. Not to mention that they think it's all about them and their wants thanks to feminism. What you're wife needs to understand is that s** in marriage is a team effort. You both do things that the other person likes and desires, even if you don't particularly like doing those certain things. If you truly love that person then you'll want to satisfy them by any means necessary. Before you stray, try to get to the bottom of this issue such as for example, is she cheating on you? Was she abused when she was younger? Is she all used up sexually from having many past partners before you? (If that's the case then she REALLY has no excuse and owes you s** big time) If none of the above qualify and she still refuses to give it up for you, then it's time to split. At that point it's obvious your wife isn't attracted to you except for financial stability. Just my two cents."

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