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"can't stop letting everything I do be interrupted And I can last [email protected] last more then any man. My wife is working through a lot of old, major, destructive issues in her life, but as she does more and more of my time is sucked into passively supporting her. Years ago I tried chopping things out of my schedule to make time for us to do things together.Not anyone in particular, just someone. I told her it sounded fun to me. She told me she would talk to my mom but I told her no and started to get mad and I walked out. I came back a few minutes but It didn't work. Instead I spend more and more time doing things I don't care about, just so I don't have to drop anything important when she needs emotional support. old lady never told my mom about what I said but I still have the feelings about doing it. I really do need help but I'm so scared to ask for it. On top of that, in the past couple years people have dropped several major crises in her lap and she's had health problems that suck up any energy either of us has left. I'm a pervert. I need to figure out how to start insisting that I need time for myself, and we need to plan time to do things together, 2007 (after a really bad rejection) instead of just constantly being on call for emotional backup.I feel like I have no libido anymore without porn. how can I tell her."

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