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"you never tell a women you want a friend with benefits, that is so stupid. You start by asking a woman out and then you get into her pants before you define the relationship. That way you have some leverage, you idiot. Once a woman has had s** with you, you will always be a possible s** partner. No woman will want to have s** with you if all you want is s**. You pass the next few weeks going to her for s** while expressing that you are enjoying the wondrful open relationship you have with her, and that you are not ready for more because you had a very long relationship that went wrong. You show her the benefit of having you as a friend, and the freedon she can have, and you just never commit, and she soon gets the idea that she and you are just friends with benefits. My method is flawless. Try it. I used this method for seven years after I divorced, and I never had less than 3 FWB at a time."

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