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"I was thinking of the 25 year old woman that was responding to my invites to parties . I think she sounded really awesome. I like a strong woman who knows what she has . I like women to be not over assertive but have direction and self reliance. At what age that is, depends on the woman, but in this case, 25 was enough....While yes, a younger woman tends to be more "exciting", I do know how to keep a commitment. In other words, I am just fantasizing about a younger woman. I am currently married and as she said, I would not leave my wife for her, at least not until after I divorced my wife.....All I can say is that if I ever hooked up with a younger woman, she would not need a man her age on the side. I'd be all she could handle and would be so .... from the maturity and experience level, she'd think she had died and gone to heaven. I am that good.....:)"

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