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"I will never be able to trust the man I've been with for over 10+ years. We were very young when we got together and after some pretty life changing event, he started straying. He claims he's never did anything but for some reason I can't except that. There are still issues that cause me to think that he still could be look for other women, like I've found some profiles on like hookup site, but he says that he just uses it like porn, also on these profiles he states he's single. I have tried my hardest to let all of this go and leave it in the past but its constantly there in the back of my head nagging me all the time. I fear that in the end this will never work and I'm terrified. We've been putting some serious work into the relationship lately but he really hasn't said anything to reassure me. My whole day is spent miserable constantly running shit through my head."

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